About Us

Enterprise Level Strategies at Small Business Prices

Accounting for Profits, Inc. provides CFO and accounting services at a price small and mid-sized businesses and organizations can afford.

For more than 30 years, we have saved struggling companies from bankruptcy and helped healthy companies excel by providing sound financial structures and council.

We believe the key to success is people.

Although accounting involves numbers and money, we have learned that ultimate profitability comes when people capitalize on their differences in personality type and skill, and work together as a team.

Our work involves more than just balance sheets and payroll.

We can help you optimize your team and workflow to increase profits and margins and grow your business.

Meet Joanie Gable, CEO

Joanie Gable began her career working in large corporate entities. Advancing rapidly and enjoying the challenges her work presented, she became the Director of Planning for a multi-billion dollar company. Later she took a position as CFO for another up and coming business.

In 1990, Joanie combined her training, experience and ideas to create Accounting for Profits, Inc. Believing that understanding people is the secret to successful business, she furthered her training in counseling and leadership.

  • Christian Leadership University
    Business Entrepreneurship  (Doctorate in Progress)
  • Birmingham Theological Seminary
    Christian Counseling
  • University of Alabama
    Certificate in Thanatology, the study of grief, death and dying
  • Partners in Peacemaking

Joanie is a mother, grandmother and full-time learner. She believes that enjoying life is a full-time job. She loves people, travel, and seeking God's counsel.

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