Accounting for Profits Staff

Jamie Gable – Business Manager

jamie gable

Jamie graduated Cum Laude from Auburn with a B.S. in Apparel Merchandising, Design and Production, and a Business Minor in International Studies. She spent the first 3 years of her career working in the Italian garment industry before returning to the United States. She is currently working remotely out of Nashville, TN in both fashion and finance. Jamie is Joanie's youngest daughter and has worked with her mother since her adolescence.

 "I'll always remember the financial independence my mother gave me at a very early age. She taught me the importance of building strong credit and the true value of a dollar, before I even learned to drive. She encouraged me to think creatively for myself, to ask questions and to challenge the status quo. As I continue to explore my own interest in today's ever evolving market, I realize the importance of excellent financial management. I feel accomplished when I am able to support you in achieving your goals. It is rewarding to hear the relief in someone's voice when they know their finances are in good hands."

Jamie has experience managing multimillion dollar businesses from start-up to exit strategy.  She is skilled in all areas of general accounting, bookkeeping and cash management. She is a wonderful problem solver and does not rest until she understands a client’s business inside out. She is a “Task Master” when it comes to accuracy and keeps everyone on their toes.

Our Bookkeeping, Accounting and Tax Personnel

The Core Values of Integrity, Dependability and Quality work is shared by the entire staff of Accounting for Profits, Inc.

All of our Professionals are mature seasoned accountants, bookkeepers, CPAs, CFOs and tax experts and pass stringent tests before employment with our firm.

After our full-time needs are met, we utilize independent contractors that need flexible hours due to personal needs.  We consider this a ministry to help moms raising small children or other professionals that only need part-time hours.

You can count on our staff, whether they work at your site or remotely, to follow through to your satisfaction on any assignments, as they are not only qualified, by also accountable to our supervisory staff to meet our quality standards.

Ashley Floyd, Accounting Manager

ashley floyd

Ashley graduated from the University of West Florida with a B.A. in Math Education. Upon graduation, she joined the Campus Outreach staff to do college ministry at the University of South Alabama in Mobile. After four fulfilling years, she entered the workforce starting as a data collector for a multi-million international distribution company. She worked her way up through the years to HR Coordinator and General Bookkeeper of that same company. After more than a decade, she closed the door with that company and moved to Birmingham.   Ashley is skilled in all areas of bookkeeping and general accounting with expertise in Quickbooks online and is excited to join Joanie and her staff as an accounting manager.

Personally, Ashley is active in her local church and is a licensed foster parent. She is grateful for the privileged opportunity to love those that are in need of a safe and loving home.

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