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We grew exponentially

When the Southeast Hospital Associations formed a group purchasing organization, we chose Joanie Gable due to her qualifications and many referrals. We grew exponentially within no time, and drew national attention. Joanie was then asked to serve on a Task Force for HealthCare Reform lead by Hillary Clinton.

The company was sold to a large national organization within 3 years of opening with Ms. Gable leading the exit strategy.

Collat Jewish Family Services
Esther Schuster, Executive Director
My partner, sounding board, advisor and friend

Joanie has worked with our agency as a consultant and part-time CFO for approximately 15 years. She is the one I call when situations arise, as she truly knows her business.

Over the years she has earned my complete trust as she produces systems and reports that are not only timely and accurate, but easy to understand and follow through to the details.

She helped us expand our business to the point we were able to hire a full time CFO and she then helped hire, train and supervise the employee until we were sure the job could be done the right way, following her lead.

Additionally, she is a wonderful person to be around as she is supportive, caring, and brings her own brand of wisdom to the table and shares it willingly. She has been my partner, sounding board, advisor and friend.

Mid America Engine, Inc.
Rusty Wilkerson
A total transformation

For an international company, in business for 30 years with revenues of $60-$80 million, the financial statements being outsourced to a small bookkeeping firm left no room for accuracy or profit maximization.

A referral suggested we contact Joanie Gable to provide CFO services to bring our issues in-house. The expertise she brought to the company resulted in a total transformation.

Multiple profit centers, project costing, inventory controls, cash management, tax planning, accuracy, procedures and order have been established. In a short period of time a Compilation, two Reviews and two Audits were finalized.

The staff was trained, learned many valuable lessons and actually had a lot of fun in the process. The company is in a position to grow, merge, or sell…..whatever the future might hold. Joanie is a trusted and loved member of our business family.

Owner & Leaders in Designing Medical Software
Dr. Jerry Stanley and Dr. Alcus Hudson
Focused and profit oriented

Joanie brings an element of high energy, calm consideration and understanding to any task at hand. Recognizing personality types and individual’s strengths and weaknesses, she can increase efficiencies in operations, sales, administration, and management.

Her financial savvy and ability to turn chaos into calm helps to keep her clients focused and profit oriented. She knows how to bring out the best in others. She knows how to make money.

Tanner’s Pecans & Candies, Inc.
Danny and Leslie Fox
A path for success

We engaged Joanie to come in to analyze our operation and make suggestions for improvements. It did not take long being with her that we saw the compassion that she had for us, not just as a client, but also as a friend. I can truly say that her integrity is above reproach and we trust her implicitly.

It is an understatement to say that we were not prepared for the hard hitting reality that she brought back to us. In a very short amount of time she was able to get a keen sense of many of our issues and set us on a path for success. Her recommendations were spot on.

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